‘New Year, New Me’


I hate New Year’s Eve. I find it completely over rated and since having a child I have enjoyed two New Years doing what I love the most… A takeaway and an early night! 

But! I LOVE New Year’s Day. Like any other day… It is an opportunity to have a fresh start. What’s done is done and you can draw a line and make the new day whatever you want it to be.

Two years ago, approximately 3 days after the above picture was taken, like every other 1st of January for the last 7 years or so of my life, I said to myself ‘I will get slim this year’. 

I don’t know why this year was different. I can’t pin point it, I do know that my daughter had given me a new found confidence and love of life though and that was a huge drive for me to better myself.

I think I spent a few weeks going it alone, trying to eat better, half heartedly excercising (still the case where this is concerned two years later 🙈)… Then I stumbled across slimming world!

I joined group and in short have never looked back. 

 My New Years resolutions are to eat more meals at the table as a family, save some money and to do nicer things on my days off work with my little lady! 

There seems to be an ever increasing ‘new year’s resolution’ bashing on social media. But I encourage anyone who wants to make a change to just GO FOR IT.

Lastly, apologies for the awful quality, mega zoomed in picture at the top but I assure you it is me!

Lillie x


11 thoughts on “‘New Year, New Me’

  1. I stumbled across your Instagram a while back and have been following you ever since. I think you are such an inspiration and you should be so proud of yourself. xx


  2. I’m just starting on slimming world and I have found ur story and Instagram really inspiring. I only hope I lose as much weight as u and feel amazing as I am doing it!


  3. Love the fact you have started a blog. I started slimming world in October 2014 and have lost 5stone 5lbs. Love reading your bits on Instagram so know I will enjoy this. Xx


  4. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and you have done amazing, love your account. So glad you’ve done a blog and looking forward to reading more of your stories 😊 X

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  5. Love your instagram and watched your tube videos when I started following Sw Jan 2015 .. chicken enchiladas are superb 🙂
    You have done amazing and it’s so inspiring to see how far u have come .. x


  6. Absolutely love following you on instagram and love the blogs. The difference between the pictures of yourself are unbelievable many many congratulations on your hard work hun take care xx

    Liked by 1 person

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