Nearly Half Way! 

I feel like I have been pregnant for ages!

I think finding out quite early on has something to do with that, and every week when I hit the next week up I get more excited and it feels more real.

It’s so strange how the whole experience second time round has been quite different. At this stage with Abs I had lists and lists of everything I wanted and needed and had started buying things.

This time I haven’t really thought about it because we don’t actually need a lot, we still have nearly everything from Abbie as we always wanted more children. We also didn’t find out wether she was a boy or girl so most things we have are gender neutral.

I am excited to get my Joolz travel system serviced and cleaned ready for baby number 2. It is such a beautiful pram and I love how big and spacious it is and also how high up it is which suited me and my 6ft7 other half perfectly!

What I do need is a new changing bag, if anyone can recommend a nice one I’m open to recommendations. I have my eyes on a Pacapod Firenze but unfortunately we aren’t millionaires so if anyone knows anything like this that isn’t as expensive please do tell.

All of Abbie’s things we kept are currently sitting in my parents loft and I have decided that at 24 weeks I will get everything out and start going through it all to see what we have and check I’ve got all the right bits for the car seat still. Then I have enough time to figure out what I do need before I start going into panic mode!!

We have our 20 week anomaly scan a week on Wednesday which I am so excited for. I can’t wait to see how the baby has grown and is getting on and also we have decided to find out the sex this time which is so exciting but been a difficult decision as we still can’t agree wether to or not. It was such a beautiful experience not knowing and finding out at the birth last time, but I feel it will be good to know so Abbie can bond with the baby as currently she wants a ‘BRUVA’ who is a girl 😑😂

Slimming World has been a background existence in my life for a few weeks now. I am struggling more and more to stick to it as time goes on. This week has been particularly hard with my other halfs birthday so I missed weigh in then we had a long Easter weekend which is still ongoing!

I do try to not get too upset with getting bigger and ofcourse it is important when growing a baby and I do know this! But after being unhappy in my own skin for a very very long time then working very very hard to lose ALOT of weight it can be somewhat of a mind muddle getting bigger and I’m only human I will talk openly about this and I’m sure I will offend people and people will think I don’t know how lucky I am…(believe me I do)… But I am real and honest. Im not going to pretend it makes me happy that I have had to say goodbye to every single pair of jeans I own temporarily! Also maternity clothes are expensive AF and I think shops are robbing wotsits for making you spend an arm and leg for clothes you are only going to wear for a matter of months!!!

So there are my ‘Nearly Half Way’ ramblings. I know from here on in it’s going to speed up and I’m going to start freaking out that im not ready in the slightest but it’s all very exciting too.

Also just for fun take a gender guess!!

I’m pretty sure we are having another girl but also think you just don’t know till you know, I’m not a believer in carrying a certain way etc etc it’s just a ‘feeling’ I have!


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