23 Weeks In…

Holy Moly I feel like it’s all speeding up and I’m going to hit panic mode soon!

I have started a repetitive conversation with my other half that goes something like this

‘Right so I’m going to start buying stuff but we have nowhere to put it’

‘Just wait till I’ve finished the garden then we will sort the bedrooms out’

‘But we haven’t bought a THING!’

‘Stop worrying it’s fine’

Annnnnnnnd so on.

So yes. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and haven’t bought a sausage. I feel a huge amount of guilt about this but as I keep reminding myself, we still need to go through the stuff we have and also we have nowhere to put anything!

Our home is two bedroom. Two big bedrooms which is handy. I am saying farewell to my beloved dressing table to make way for the cot and some more storage in our room, which is exactly what we did at my parents when Abbie was on the way.

The weeks are flying by and I am LOVING the second trimester. I feel good, not too tired, not too much back pain, lots of lovely movements and kicks everyday… Work is fine I am managing and thankful that I only have to work three days.

I’m still following Slimming World, going to weigh in every week and staying to group when I can… I am a lot more relaxed than I was at the beginning in terms of how I feel about gaining weight and also more relaxed with what I’m eating. I’m being good when I can but not depriving myself, it’s lovely having the treats and I plan on enjoying it while I can!!

I definetly feel like my hormones are a lot more crazy this time around. I think it’s just the combination of being more tired and having more to do and a two year old who needs me! I find I have to take some time every day just to stop and try and relax and have time to myself which is easier said than done but usually spent submerged in a hot bubble bath.

We go away with friends in two weeks so my plan is to enjoy our holiday and once that is over will start dedicating time and money to get the house sorted and buying what we actually need for the baby.

If there are any MUST HAVES then please let me know as there may be a gem I’ve not heard of or seen! I used a perfect prep machine at my friends the other morning whilst babysitting and I was AMAZED by this but think I will hold off on buying oneuntil the baby is here as I do plan on breast feeding and we did manage without one with Abbie!


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