29 Weeks…

I actually can’t believe we are nearly 30 weeks!

I feel like the time has flown by and I’m so excited and glad we have just 10 weeks left.

The house is more and more sorted everyday, I have been doing some serious nesting and selling of things to make way for baby and some furniture. I have been through all of Abbie’s stuff and know what I have and don’t have and have a nice small list of things left to buy!

Important jobs left to do are sort out the Moses basket and Cot Bed and buy some new bedding… Also pack my hospital bags… I think I will wait a few more weeks to do this as I have been buying things as I’ve gone along so basically just need to put it all in a bag and make sure the other half knows where it is.

I had an accident at the weekend, apparently you should switch broken plugs off before trying to pull them out the wall 🙄, we spent a lovely 5 hours at A and E and Maternal Assessment and thankfully long story short we are both absolutely fine. The midwifes at the hospital ( it’s where we had Abbie at and where we will have this little lady) are the loveliest people and the one that saw me told me she is laying across me which I kind of already knew as all my movement is on one side and her little bum keeps sticking out just to the right of my belly button. 💗

I am definitely through the panic stage and just totally ready for this baby to arrive now, I keep thinking in my head that I will be earlier than my due date as its my 2nd baby but know this isn’t always the case!

I’m still trying to be healthy as and when I can but I’m feeling very relaxed towards it and just enjoying my final weeks of pregancy and taking it easy, once I start maternity leave I will do some batch cooking for the freezer I think as I know I will have little time once she’s here to worry about food for a few weeks till we all get settled with the new addition and unfortunately I don’t live at my mum and dads anymore (which I now realise was an absolute god send when we had Abs!!)

So theres my little pregnancy update ramble! Will try and make time to think of and do some recipes soon!


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