Mum of Two…

Been quite a while since I ‘blogged’ for obvious reasons!!! For anyone who doesn’t know Isla arrived into the world screaming her head off about 9 weeks ago at a humongous  10lb4 (all on gas on air and no stitches needed yes go me 🙌🏻🤗) and hasn’t stopped screaming since.

No I’m joking she has but oh my god having two little people to look after, keep fed and happy and entertained is HARD.

I have had one of ‘those’ weeks, those weeks where you struggle to get washed and dressed, where the thought of getting the kids up and out the door is just so overwhelming but also you have major cabin fever and are sick of the sight of ALL the laundry and dishes and bottles and sterilising.

I said to my cousin the other day that I could punch my pregnant self in the face for how secretly smug I was that I was going to know exactly what I was doing because it was my 2nd baby (yes I actually thought that) and how it wasn’t going to be as hard as everyone said, Abbie was a dream how could Isla be so different…


Go figure, all baby’s are different! Now I’m not saying Isla isn’t a dream she is perfect and healthy and clothed and fed and this is THE most important thing, I wouldn’t change her for the world (maybe less screaming)…

I have had a lot of messages and comments of parent support on Instagram this week and I just wanted to say now in this post a HUGE thankyou, I read all the comments and messages and wish I could reply personally to each one. Being a Mum is the hardest thing ever but most rewarding and sometimes it’s just a bit shit and lonely and thank god for the community on Instagram and also my nearest and dearest ofcourse for keeping sane… most of the time.

I just wanted to share as a lot of messages say things like ‘thankyou so much I feel the same’ and I don’t want any mum to ever feel bad for feeling a certain way because it’s bloody hard and it’s ok to struggle… my kids make me cry on the regular (I’m a cryer everything makes me cry)… I have cried twice today… once infront of my 3 year old and she said to me ‘don’t worry mummy it will be fine’… bless her heart she has been a star and completely in love with her baby sister.

So yes a bit of a ramble and maybe a bit too honest but if even one person reads this and it makes them feel better then that will improve my day, which is a bit rubbish and I am dreaming of the kids being in bed later a bubble bath and wine (hopefully)

Will try and get some recipes up when I have chance (probably in about 18 years)

L x

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