Storksak Travel

Storksak Travel

After a couple of mini breaks and using this bag a few times, I thought I would write up a little review on it and what we love about it the most!

I am a huge fan of the Storksak bags and we already have the Caroline Changing Bag. I love them mainly because they make staying organised with little ones easier, which in my opinion never goes a miss. Anything that helps me keep it all together is always going to get a huge thumbs up.

We decided to go for the Black Duffle Bag  from the Storksak Travel collection.

It comes with a foldaway hanging organiser (amazing) and an extra packing block which I found handy for packing things in I wanted to keep separate like food pouches!

The organiser is really compact when not in use and the whole bag is very spacious with plenty of room for all the things you need when travelling with a baby, which is basically everything.

Another little nifty feature of the organiser is you can take it straight out of the bag and hang it in the wardrobe. It has a Velcro attachment on the top of it which makes this super quick and easy, no need to unpack, which means more time for making memories!

Here is Abbie demonstrating how big the bag is as of course she wanted to get involved with the photos I was taking… not too sure why she had her winter hat on but you get the idea.

Once the organizer is in the bag there is still plenty of space for other stuff and it really surprised me how much I could actually cram in here.

Another HUGE plus for me is that it’s water resistant and wipes clean which never goes a miss with my two (and myself) involved but still looks #fleekygoals and in particular I love the brown leather detail!

I would definitely recommend this bag and it served us well on holiday… we flew with RyanAir but make sure you check dimensions with individual airlines as I know they all differ if you are planning on using the bag for a trip abroad 🙂

Happy Travels!

L x

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