Back To Work

I feel like this has all happened VERY quickly.

Maternity Leave in itself and actually going back to work!

I still remember my last day so clearly, it was beautiful out and I skipped (waddled) out of work with a bottle of Champagne, got home and all my work stuff went straight in the loft.

I have felt a bit weird the last few days, like I’ve not made the most of it. Like I’ve not been happy enough, that I’ve cried too much, that I’ve wished for bedtime too much, that I haven’t walked with the pram enough, played with the girls enough, spent far too much time on my phone. And I do feel kind of shit about it.

It’s so bittersweet going back to work. I’m delighted that I get out of bedtime twice a week but equally ofcourse I will miss watching them play together in the bath every night, giving Isla her bedtime bottle (possibly my favourite time of the day, the only time of day she is SUPER snuggly), reading Abbie a story and her asking me 467 questions…

All of the above said, it’s been pretty lovely too. I feel so so fortunate to be able to have Maternity Leave and not have to worry about money (too much) and have the time off with my girls.

I remember when Isla was around 6 days old I had Mastitis and Kieran went back to work, I sat in bed and sobbed cuddling both of them wondering how the fuck I was going to survive the next few months at work… I think I even sent him a selfie for sympathy…

But we did get through it. We have made some priceless memories in the last few months. I have got to spend a tonne of time with all my favourite people.

We have had lovely holidays and days out… I don’t think I will ever get over the mission of getting out the house with the two of them but it’s always worth it, apart from that first trip to Aldi alone with the two of them…

Writing this blog had made me look back through all of my photos and despite me having regrets about the bad times, it has made me realise how many good times we have had, how many memories have been made and going back to work doesn’t mean those good times will stop, it just means I will have more money, get hot cups of tea and go to the toilet on my own!

Here are the last few of my favourite times and memories from the last 8 months…

For anyone still on Maternity Leave or about to have it… my words of advice are…do all the things you love as much as possible, leave the housework, take lots of photos, always follow your mama instinct and if you feel like you need help ask for it. Don’t feel guilty about crying, it’s ok I did a lot of crying and probably still will, toughest job in the world but as they say it’s honestly the best! 🙂

L x

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