Colourful Munchkin Mealtimes

Colourful Munchkin Mealtimes

We have been weaning now for 3 months! It has been a journey to say the least and when we first started out (despite having done it before…) I felt I had no idea what I was doing, like a lot of Mums also embarking on the messy and confusing beginnings of weaning!

So with weaning well under way and Isla now enjoying 3 meals a day… we thought we would try out a load of feeding products from Munchkin to make mealtimes a little easier and more interesting for the both of us.

We started out with the Lil’ Apple Plates which have 3 sections for a variety of food. I was at first a bit sceptical about these, I thought the plate would end up straight on the floor… but she loved having the choice right in front of her where as previously I would just put one thing at a time for her to eat on the tray. She spent ages switching between the different foods and we made it through meal time with no plates on the floor!

Next we tried out the Stay Put Suction Bowls which are perfect if you DO have a plate thrower! They have suction bases which you can pop straight onto the tray of the high chair, with quick release tabs which are baby proof but a nice little parent hack so you’re not wasting your energy after meal times trying to yank it back off the high chair! I made some Falafels for her the other day which she loved and had out of the Stay Put bowl, she was intrigued with the bowl and did attempt to pull it off with no luck, so she just carried on munching her dinner… click here if you would like the recipe for the Falafels they were a serious hit and super duper easy.

Munchkin also have some great products for feeding whilst out and about. We cant get enough of the Love-a-Bowls. They come in a 10 piece set, 4 bowls with 4 lids and 2 spoons. They have made taking food out and about so much easier. If I know we are out for the day I put all of Isla’s meals and snacks into the bowls, pop the lid on and they stack neatly on top of one another in one side of the changing bag, they are 100% spill and leak proof for extra ease of mind.

We have also been using the Squeeze Spoon, Isla loves fruit puree and I usually give her some after most meals. I squeeze half a pouch into the Squeeze Spoon then pop the remainder in the fridge for her next meal. I find it handy not to have to take out an extra spoon for her fruit and there is a cap that covers the spoon to keep it clean whilst in the nappy bag.

Last but no means least the Go Mash. A handy portable food masher. I’ve found it especially handy for things you can’t make in advance like mashed Banana or Avocado. It comes with a bowl, lid and masher which all fit together neatly and the lid doubles up as a non slip base to use whilst mashing.

All in all we have loved all of these products, especially pleased with how they make feeding whilst out and about easier. I always worry there won’t be something suitable for Isla to eat or snack on and these just help ease that stress and make me feel a bit more organised!

L x

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