Birthday Party’s…

Another year another birthday.

I say that with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

Once again I’ve left myself 12 days to organise something and hope people will turn up.

This is Abbie’s birthday we are talking about FYI, not mine. I always feel like such a shit mum at this time of year.

For someone organised (if I do say so myself) why do I find this so hard?! Well basically if I’m honest I don’t want a house full of kids I don’t know and will have to look after if we do a ‘invite everyone from her preschool’ thing, we don’t have the money for the ridiculously expensive ‘instagram’ worthy cake that is fit for a wedding, baloons, bunting, tassel garlands, personalised party bags… the list goes on.

What happened to going to McDonalds for your birthday? With a few balloons, a £10 cake from the supermarket and a few of those candles that keep re lighting and are just so hilarious (when your 4)? When I think back to my birthday party’s this is the only one I can remember clearly… and I had the best time ever!

I feel so much pressure these days and it definitely comes from social media. I feel like Birthday partys are an un spoken parental competition of who has the most money, who is the most stylish, coolest mum… I don’t know if that’s just where I’m from or if it’s a national thing? But it’s so easy to be having your nightly scroll and think shit I really need to do more.

When I asked Abbie what she wanted to do for her birthday, she told me she wanted to go to the pub with the bouncy castle… which is great but equally I just worry it turns into a marriaty for all us parents and not really a day for her!

I do think if I had the money and the time I would be all for the party with all the amazing stuff but what are my real reasons for wanting to do that for her or for me to feel better…? Because I know Abbie wouldn’t take any notice of all that stuff and would make no difference to her day. She would be made up with all her favourite people and friends, fish fingers, birthday cake and dressing up as a princess for the day!

I went on Pinterest last night and searched ‘4 Year Old Girl Party Ideas’ and it left me feeling so deflated. I’m hopeful we will of moved in time for her birthday and we will have a nice BBQ with all of our nearest and dearest in the garden and MAYBE a bouncy castle at a push but we will have to wait and see!

So… If anyone has some inexpensive, none time consuming ideas then please do share with me… Especially if it’s something you know a 4 year old would LOVE!

L x


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