Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’m not sure if that is a saying, film or TV program?! But all I know is it is just SO true.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about our selling/buying process for quite a while but the outcome always felt so unsure and the whole thing was like a black cloud of stress and frustration following me around, to put it all out there in words I think would of tipped me over the edge!

We always said we were going to move this year and I always thought it would be later on this year but once Christmas and New Year were out the way, our need to move out for more space and freedom became quite desperate so we decided to get all the wheels in motion and go and see a mortgage broker.

I think within the space of a week we knew what we were working with and our property was on the market. We started looking at property’s too, I can’t remember how many we viewed I think around 5 but none of them were right.

It just happened that I was on the phone to estate agent about a property and she said she had just had the keys for another and would we like to see it. We were the first people to view it and it was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted somewhere nearby, with a drive and garden and potential for a rear extension and loft conversion (not much to ask I know)… and even better it was in our price range and we put an offer in the next day. We ended up going over the asking price to secure it which I do think was our saving grace in the whole process and why the seller was so patient with us and our buyers.

It took nearly 6 months for us to complete, due mainly to people being crap at their jobs, thankfully our solicitors were amazing which was the complete opposite when we first went through this process!

When we completed I was filled with dread, I felt a bit like SHIT! I’ve got to move into a house I don’t like (in terms of decor). We put so much love and time into our previous place and it was just so homely. We originally said we would start major works within 6-8 weeks but have now decided to enjoy summer and the rest of the year and start major works next year. So while that is all very exciting It dawned on me that this will be our home for a while until we do that and the panic set in.

Roll on a week and a lick of paint, all our stuff and us four actually being in here, I feel totally different. It already feels like home to me. I couldn’t care what it looks like (ok maybe the carpets are killing me inside but not worth replacing to be ripped up in a years time).

For me home really is wherever my family is, I always thought I was quite attached to my home and quite a homely person but for me that means just being with my family not an actual building but obvs I’m bloody delighted we have this building and my god it was totally worth ALL the stress!

Here are all the pictures of the house when we first viewed it… can’t wait to share all of the progress of it with everyone!

For anyone going through the process or about to, all I can say is go with your gut feelings and ride the stress wave out, it’s totally worth and in the meantime there is always a glass wine 🙂

L x

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  1. Maria
    August 3, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Wishing you all the very best in your new home, I look forward to seeing you all enjoy it through stories.


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