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So a few weeks back I asked about Wayfair on my Instagram stories.

I stumbled upon it whilst frantically searching Google for a bed!

The first thing that I noticed was the price of stuff, have you ever heard the saying buy cheap buy twice? Well when it comes to home stuff I think this is SO true. The amount of times I have bought furniture cheap for it to fall apart after a year 😩

Anyway I received ALOT of messages about Wayfair and the response was 99% positive… everybody seemed to love everything they had bought from there and all for amazing prices! And I was also contacted by Wayfair themselves asking me to give them a try which of course I said yes to.

Wayfair have a great community of bloggers that they call their Wayfair Home Experts… now interiors is one of the things I feel sooooo unconfident about, I dither around in shops throwing stuff into my trolley worrying about what it will look like, never quite knowing what ‘look’ or ‘style’ I’m going for. I trawl Instagram for inspiration and when we renovated our last place I spent my evenings on Pinterest. I do not consider myself a home expert in anyway but I was very pleased with how the last place turned out when we eventually finished it… and I’m very excited to start the process all over again!

As we have our new bed and knowing that our bedroom will remain pretty much in the same place as it is now when we renovate, I thought I would base my picks on things for the bedroom as I think it will be one of the only rooms that won’t be changed in any huge way.

I always picture my bedroom to be just my space (LOL) and it to be a very grown up, classy, luxurious space, similar to staying in a 5 star hotel child free, I mean a girl can dream right? So my picks are based on this image in my head that I am hoping to achieve but probably never will because I’m sure Abbie will still be in my bed when she’s 15.

So just to clarify this is me Internet ‘window’ shopping for my bedroom, the picks that I would choose as and when we have the money to buy them, they are on my wish list and saved to my Bedroom board in my Wayfair app… which is SUPER handy… like a built Pinterest on Wayfair saving all the things you love and want to buy!

My first pick is the Imperial 1 Light Foyer Pendant found here. We have two light fittings in our room and I love these as they are not too in your face but I think two of them together will look really classy.

2nd pick is the Balt Mirror found here. We already have a mirror on the wall in our bedroom similar to this but a full length one is a must in our house, I love the studs around the outside as they tie in with our bed too.

3rd pick is the Georgina Grey/Orange/Pink Area Rug found here. As we aren’t replacing the carpet just yet, an area rug would be perfect! I love the colours in this one and would match some scatter cushions on the bed up to it.

4th pick is the Westhoughton Arm Chair found here. As I no longer have a dressing table, somewhere to sit and do my makeup would be lovely, I also think it would make a nice feature in the corner of the room.

5th pick is the Verne 3 Piece Trunk Set found here. I have wanted silver trunks like this forever. These are just beautiful and great for storing extra bedding and things that aren’t used daily! Also love the studs again tying in with the bed and the mirror.

And 6th and final pick is the Ashbourne 2 Drawer Bedside Table found here. As we have a new Superking bed, our current bedside tables are too big! These slimline 2 drawer ones are perfect and add to the glamorous and luxury bedroom feel I am aiming for.

So those are my picks! It’s quite nice seeing them all together like this and I think when we get round to ticking them off our list for the bedroom they will look lovely. The only one I’m a bit dubious about is the chair… chairs in my bedrooms usually always end up underneath piles of laundry BUT like I said a girl can dream!

L x<<

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