Dreamy New Bed 

Dreamy New Bed 

So following on from my Blogger Picks post for Wayfair, I thought I would share some photos and info about our new bed and the fun we* (*Kieran) had putting it together.

We have had the same crappy Ikea bed for as long as we’ve been together, it was my old bed so I’m talking nearly 9 years of fun, sleep, co-sleeping, 2 babies, night feeds, breakfasts, dinners (oh those hungover over pre kid takeaways in bed… please tell me we aren’t the only slobs?!)… so yeah we were well overdue a new bed.

Moving house gave us the perfect excuse to get a new bed and even better to up size to a Super-king. Super-king was the only MUST on our list and then when it came to my list I wanted under bed storage and definitely upholstered.

I spent approximately 8 evenings looking through all the Wayfair beds and looking through them again, and again… before eventually deciding on the Upholstered Bed Frame from Fairmont Park in Charcoal.

I have seen a lot of Fairmont Park stuff on Wayfair and love it all! It just screams hotel luxury at me and is affordable so win win. Also the reviews on this bed frame were really positive which swayed me to go for this one despite not having the added bonus of under bed storage.

The Wayfair app comes with a really handy feature where you can view some of their products in your room so obviously I tried it out for size and thought it would look rather lovely in the spot I had chosen!

The delivery of the bed was a smooth process I was given a specific day and time frame, then received a phone call approximately 30 minutes before delivery to check I was in. They bought the bed in for me which was in three boxes and made sure they put it somewhere safe where it wouldn’t fall or be a hazard with the kids… they even offered to take it upstairs but I said no (god I really hope Kieran doesn’t read my blogs) but I had my reasons, mainly embarrassment of the absolute shit tip my upstairs was currently in! Then I had to sign to say I was happy and I had all the pieces etc.

The Bed came with all parts, screws and clear instructions which you would expect but in the past I’ve had furniture and you are missing an essential screw or something and it can be a right pain in the bum. The instructions stated that it would take 30 minutes for two people to put together… it took Kieran approximately 1 hour with me half heartedly helping whilst looking at Instagram and the kids also being SUPER helpful as they always are when it comes to this sort of stuff!

So far I have no complaints of the bed, it feels sturdy (ooo er), is absolutely ginormous and we’ve even managed to fit some storage boxes underneath with bits in that we don’t use all the time so that’s handy. The fabric is luxurious and I just can’t wait to invest in some more bedding, cushions and a nice throw for it!

Hope you enjoyed this post, will be sharing as much as poss as we navigate our way to ‘dream home’!

L x

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