Muscle Food Slimming Hamper

We have been receiving meat hampers from Muscle Food for a little while now.

I often get messages asking about their meat so I thought I would do a blog post just sharing my thoughts, the hamper we get, some syn values to the best of my knowledge for any Slimming World readers (please check SW app though for confirmation!)  and last but not least the discount code they have given to me for others to use!

We receive the 112 Piece Slimming Hamper which retails at £80.

In this hamper you get

– 5kg Chicken Breasts/Syn Free

– 2 Sirloin Steaks/Syn Free

– 2 Rump Steaks/Syn Free

– 20 Bacon Medallions/Syn Free

– 800g Beef Mince/Syn Free

– 4 Hache Steaks/Syn Free

– 8 Piri Piri Chicken Skewers/0.5 Syn Each

– 12 Cumberland Sausages/0.5 Syn Each

– 12 Pork Sausages/0.5 Syn Each

– 4 Beef Burgers/1 Syn Each

– 4 Chicken Burgers/0.5 Syn Each

– 24 Chicken Meatballs/0.5 Syn per Ball

– Grillstock Seasoning/6 syns per 100g

– 2 Protein Bars

On average this amount tends to last us 6/7 weeks depending on how much we eat out and how much fish we eat.

Everything in the hamper that is made by Muscle Food for example the Skewers, Burgers, Meat Balls etc are all seasoned perfectly, which I love as it means I don’t have to add a thing.

My personal favourites are the Hache Steaks and the Chicken Skewers, the thing that is usually used last are the Chicken Meatballs… they are quite dense and I usually end up cutting them in half before I cook them.

The Chicken comes in two packets of 2.5kg… and is usually around 24 Chicken Breasts. On the day the hamper arrives, I split the bags and freeze the chicken breasts in pairs, as usually 2 of the breasts are enough to feed the 4 of us as they are so large

I pop them into sandwich bags then wrap them in cling film. This isn’t my favourite job but it usually only takes around 10 minutes tops!

I always try and run my freezer right down before I receive my box as there is so much in it and I do tend to freeze the majority of it so you will need plenty of freezer space.

If you are interested in buying this hamper then click here and use the code SLIMLIL to get £10 off making it £70 (which would be about £10 a week on meat which I do think is a bargain!)… just for clarification I receive the hamper for free from Muscle Food which I am BEYOND grateful for but I do not earn anything from the sale of this hamper! It’s not like a reward scheme at all it’s simply that I share their meat (which I do genuinely love) when I am using it and support them as a business! 

Also Standard Delivery is Free or you can get DPD Delivery which is £1 and you will get a text alert of an hourly slot when your box will arrive on your selected day… I have sometimes not been in and they have left it in my safe place which is also fine as the meat is inside an insulated pouch with ice packs!

Hope this post has helped anyone who had any questions about Muscle Food!

L x

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