Haircare with Johnson’s Baby

I am a bit obsessed with hair. I spent my teenage years hammering the GHDs and trying absolutely anything to get rid of my frizz and curls, lo and behold I now have two girls with the most beautiful heads of curls you have ever seen (if I do say so myself) and I truly hope they never grow out and lose them.

I honestly didn’t know the first thing about looking after their hair before working with Johnson’s, I just knew NEVER to use my Shampoo on them after a traumatising incident when I did once use mine on Abbie, some got in her eyes and well, there was some epic shit losing on her behalf… and I don’t blame her, it bloody KILLS when you get Shampoo in your eye, but obvs as an adult you have the advantage of knowing to always keep your eyes shut and your head back.

I first fell in love with Johnson’s hair products after my Mum had Abs for the night, she had bathed and washed her hair then used the Leave In Conditioner Spray on her and her curls looked so lovely and shiny. So since then it has been a product that I always need in the house.

I tend to Shampoo them both 2-3 times a week, and Condition once a week then use the Leave In Conditioner Spray pretty much every day. I use it after bath time before bed on wet hair and then in the morning on dry hair to make my life a bit easier getting the tangles out before school! I would say if you are using it on dry, tangled hair… give it a good spray and leave it for 5 minutes before brushing, it works a treat and I always have minimal whinging and moaning and less likely to hear the word ‘OW’ on repeat… it really is a game changer. The thing I love the most about it is I can use it daily on them without it making their hair greasy, its like magic.

I was lucky enough to spend the day with Johnson’s learning lots of things I didn’t know about hair including that our hair starts developing at 8 weeks gestation and by 18 weeks, our hair pattern on our scalp is already determined. Hair doesn’t fully develop until about 12 years old, so it needs to be treated differently with different products whilst it is still developing.

I have actually found the conditioner to really help with Isla’s cradle cap. She suffered terribly as a new born with it and she still gets it just a little bit towards the front of her scalp. I have just been washing regularly and using the spray and a soft brush on her head as well as little Johnson’s Baby Oil if I know I have time to wash her hair again in the morning!

Every single one of the Johnson’s haircare products have the No More Tears Formula. I think our favourites have to be the Shiny Drops range with the added Argan Oil and Silk Proteins. I prefer this because as the girls have curly hair, the natural oils from their scalp aren’t as easily distributed through the hair as they would be on a child with straight hair, so I find the Shiny Drops just take some of the frizz and dryness away and makes their hair lovely and shiny.

I have discovered some amazing new products from working with Johnson’s and I even find myself reaching for the Shiny Drops sometimes and also using the conditioning spray to take away some of my own frizz, I just love it! I always think that the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in the yellow bottle is a bit of an iconic product but I love that they are moving with the times and introducing new products using ingredients such as Argan Oil to help us busy Mums with those dry tangles in the morning and I honestly do feel so lucky that I get to work with them and shout about these products from the rooftop!

L x

I am proud to say that this post is sponsored by Johnson’s Baby UK but as always all words and opinions are my own.

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