AD| Green and Black’s Velvet Edition

AD| Green and Black’s Velvet Edition

When it comes to paid partnerships, I have to say working with a chocolate brand I LOVE has to be up there with blog collaboration goals.

I have loved Green and Blacks for many years, I always love buying and receiving the mini bar packs as a gift (it’s my 30th birthday very soon if anyone is stuck for ideas…) and it is the perfect chocolate for me for those moments to yourself, once the kids are in bed or just before the school pick up with a nice hot cup of tea of coffee.

When they asked if I would like to try their new Velvet Edition range, I jumped at the chance. A range of 7 different chocolate bars, with 7 different and very delicious, flavours.

The range includes a 70% Cocoa, the classic rich but smooth chocolate flavour. Roasted Almond using high quality Mediterranean Almonds which are roasted in their skin for added flavour. Raspberry and Hazelnut, I LOVE this one… the Raspberries really compliment the smooth chocolate and the Hazelnuts add a lovely crunch. Salted Caramel, which I think is a nice addition and a more modern flavour that I know lots of people love. Sea Salt, my favourite of the 7, I am a sucker for the sweet and salty combination and this satisfies both of those flavours, using Anglesey Sea Salt which I also love for its high quality. Orange and Almond, which uses Sicilian blood orange oil and sweet chopped Almonds. Then last but not least, another classic combination, Mint… I know Mint Chocolate is a bit of nation divider but this one uses Indian Peppermint Oil and is lovely with the Sweet Chocolate.

Another thing I love about Green and Blacks chocolate is the fact that it is made with ethically sourced cocoa beans, they source the beans through Cocoa Life which is a global program that invests in sustainable cocoa farming… they help communities grow and learn to try an help make sure there is a sustainable future for Cocoa farming, which is only a good thing.

The brand was actually started by a husband and wife team back in 1991 in their flat in Portobello Road, they were the first people to create a high quailiy 70% chocolate bar in the UK and today Green and Blacks still use the highest quality ingredients to create delicious chocolate.

The new Velvet Edition range retails at £2 per bar, which I honestly think is so reasonable for what you get… I love treating myself to Green and Blacks as I’m more likely to actually savour and enjoy eating it and I will be buying some of the Velvet Edition Range as Christmas gifts and treats for people because it just feels that bit more luxurious and special.

I am going to be stocking up the Sea Salt and Salted Caramel for myself incase those birthday hints go unnoticed! Please let me know which ones you try and love!

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